About Us

Aghosh UK is a UK based charity (Charity Reg 1178778) focused on alleviating poverty in Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) by working in partnership with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, a community led relief NGO in Pakistan that has a reach to all parts of Pakistan and AJK.

Aghosh UK is led by UK based professionals that grew up in Pakistan and have knowledge and experience of how poverty effects the lives of those living in it.

Troubled by the plight of those living in dire conditions, these professionals and their families have been regularly supporting orphans and the poor. It is with this background they set up Aghosh UK so that the public at large in UK can join them in this journey.

Aghosh UK is established on the philosophy that

an orphan smiles, we all smile

Our Comprehensive Orphan Care Package


Established 13+ Aghosh Homes for orphans.


Support includes mental and social growth.


Support includes school fees and provisions.


All support is delivered with integrity and respect.